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Hassan Zia


Our Online Quran Teacher

In our Al-Quddus Online Quran Academy we have a capable staff which is available for you. Our staff is well trained and experience in deen the subject that they teach. This reflects how you should start working with us as our staff has the most right knowledge concerning the Islamic teachings.

Capabilities of our Teachers

Punctuality We know that your time is precious. We also know that you aim to learn a lot in the little time that you have. In this way, our teachers make sure that they are never late for any class or meeting. Moreover, it is also made sure that the important things are taught in a very convenient manner.

We are never late for a class however, an understanding approach is approved towards the students concerning the timing of the online class. If something shows up the candidates should feel free to let us know and we will guide you.


Our teachers are aware of the fact that you have just started this and getting a hang of it will take time. In this way, we make sure that we give in some time for you to settle down. Arabic is a language which is not the native language for many people. We are unable to understand it. Our teachers do not aim to rush it, they will give you time to adjust and adapt to everything.


This is the most important part. If the teachers do not have the right knowledge concerning the subject, how will they be able to teach their students then? This is what we take very seriously. Our staff includes teachers which have Islamic backgrounds. Many of our teachers have degrees in the Islamic studies. They have a good grasp over this subject which makes them even more capable.


A very important benefit of having online tutoring is that it can be done from anyplace and anywhere. There are many people who wish to read the Holy Quran and obtain its teachings by reading it with translation. But, because there are certain restrictions, we are unable to. This is where we come handy.

We are here to offer you online tutoring which you can carry out by only a couple of clicks. We are accessible to people in UK, America and other areas.

Stay with us if you want to know more about us and the work we do. You can even check our customer service and privacy policy. This will help you have an idea of our work so that you are able to trust us. We have the best staff which will not fail to disappoint you.

How can Join

We have a smooth, free flowing online registration process, alternatively, students can also register with us by calling any of our furnished phone numbers or through email. We have customer support staff who can guide the users with the registration process. After registration, we conduct a 3 days trial period where the students take classes without paying a tuition fee, after the end of the trial, the students can go forward with a paid signup and begin our classes on a regular basis.